Pre-University Courses

All international students who would like to get High education in Russia are provided with a six month pre-university course. The aim of such courses is to prepare students for direct entering Kazan State Agrarian University. The pre-university course corresponds to the state program of pre-university training and includes both Russian Language Courses and training in basic disciplines. The training is provided in the spheres of Agrarian and Forest Management, Engineering and Economics.

Finishing the education at the courses foreign students will pass the tests on the chosen major:

Agriculture and Forest Management: Russian Language, Mathematics, Biology;

Engineering: Russian Language, Mathematics, Physics;

Economics: Russian Language, Mathematics, Social Science.

We can offer the following programs:

-          preparation for undergraduate studies (Bachelor’s)

-          preparation for postgraduate studies (Master’s  and Postgraduate Course)

-          Russian Language Courses

The main goal of preparation course for entering Bachelor’s Programs is to study General Russian and other subjects selected by students themselves.

If a foreign student would like to enter Master’s or Postgraduate Programs he/she should get intensive training in Academic Russian and selected majors.

Upon successful completion of the preparation course students are awarded a Certificate and can be admitted to the first course of the selected faculty or institute of Kazan State Agricultural University in accordance with the Rules of admission of Kazan SAU.

Foreign students who is willing to study at pre-university courses should fill in the Application Form and send it to the International department

If you have any questions feel free to contact us:

Kazan State Agrarian University

International Department, Office 7

K.Marx Str. 65

Kazan, 420015, Russia

Tel.: +7 (843)567-46-13

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