University today

Kazan State Agrarian University is taking an active part in international cooperation of the Russian Federation

and the Republic of Tatarstan in the sphere of education and science.

The University is developing cultural relationship with the purpose of achievement and maintenance

of the international level of its educational programs, scientific research, organization

and management. It leads to realization of the main objects of the Bologna process

and promotes integration into the international science and education system.

The international relations are developed through bilateral contracts  and agreements, academic and student exchange

programs with colleges, universities and  organizations in Germany, USA,

Great Britain, Switzerland, Sweden, Finland, the Netherlands and Denmark etc. Currently the University has contracts on academic exchange programs with the Pittsburg

University (Kansas, USA) and Giessen University (Germany).

Every year the students of the University take part in APOLLO and LOGO programs (Germany),  AgriLida (Denmark) and others.

Дата обновления:18.07.2016