General Information

The mission of Kazan State Agrarian University is the establishment (on the basis of innovative approaches) of a multilevel competitive system of staff training corresponding to the modern and potential needs of agriculture in the Russian Federation and Republic of Tatarstan.

 The priority strategies of Kazan State Agrarian University are as follows:

– advanced mastering of the professional education contents complying with the modern needs of the labor market, contemporary techniques and technologies in the agroindustrial complex;

– survey, development and implementation of the innovative teaching methods and techniques on the basis of the international and Russian experience;

– implementation of the innovative resource-saving technologies in agriculture: engineering, agronomics, cattle breeding, economy and management of the agroindustrial complex;

– field studies, practical and consultation activities, establishment of educational farms;

– research, innovation and experiment activities through establishment of research institutes, technoparks, problem laboratories, business-incubators;

– development of international cooperation subject to the main trends of activities and priority of national projects in the agroindustrial complex and education;

– implementation of information technologies and computerization of all kinds of activities;

– development of the technical and material, educational, sports and health-improving facilities;

– professional and functional competence of the agroindustrial complex staff, professional and social mobility in the sphere of agriculture.